Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper healing and longevity of your tattoo.

  • Remove bandage the following morning and gently wash your tattoo with unscented mild soap (i.e. Ivory) and warm water.
  • Do not use glycerin soap to wash your tattoo.
  • Make sure to create a good lather with soap: removing excess blood, ink, plasma and foreign matter.
  • Rinse the tattoo thoroughly under running warm water.
  • Using a clean, dry towel, gently pat the tattoo dry after washing.
  • Don’t re-bandage the tattoo.
  • Try to keep your tattoo clean and dry for at least three days.
  • After three days, gently apply a thin layer of unscented hand lotion 2-3 times per day for 10-14 days.
  • Always remember a tattoo needs to breathe to heal.
  • Loose fitting clothing is essential to avoid any kind of abrasion on your healing tattoo.
  • Never pick or scratch a tattoo, it itches because it is healing. That’s normal. Apply lotion when itchy.
  • Never soak your tattoo while it’s healing, so avoid swimming and prolonged sun exposure.
  • Do not sauna, swim, hot tub, tan, steam, or sun bathe until your tattoo has flaked off and the skin is back to its original form.
  • Tattoos should not scab. It should dry out and flake off.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please, contact the artist who tattooed you, or call us at the shop.
  • Do not take tattoo aftercare advice from anyone else!