Our First WALK-IN DAY!


WALK-IN DAY! APRIL 16, 2016 (12PM — 6PM)

The Tell Tale Heart Tattoo & Gallery is proud to announce our first ever WALK-IN DAY on April 16, 2016. For one day only, starting at 12 noon, our veteran custom tattoo artists will be accepting small walk-in tattoos, first come, first serve. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!

What is Walk-in-Day? Our surprise Walk-In-Days are a great opportunity to get that little tattoo you’ve been wanting to get (or the matching one you want to get with your mom!) but haven’t wanted to wait months for an appointment.

Here’s how it works: Line up before we open at noon, come in with your tattoo idea, we’ll draw it for you and you’ll get tattooed on the same day. It’s that simple! Shane Faulkner and Amanda Marie — who are booked solid for several months doing large scale work — will be joined by Loorin of Oni Tattoo, to do small, one-shot tattoo requests for anyone who lines up, 12-6pm!

We strongly suggest you arrive early. It’s going to be a busy day!

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